Monday, 28 July 2014

Weekly Wishes #2 ; August Goals

  • Finalize blog plan: I'm not exactly 'finished' this but that's because I tend to always find something to tweak. Made major inroads into blog planning though.
  • Batch write posts: I wrote my little heart out this week, and I have a good few posts scheduled already and more in progress
  • Work with sponsors & on sponsorship program: Definitely checked the box here, also did some research for the up-coming months in terms of possible sponsorships too.

  • Continue to batch write: I'm officially stock-piling for September when my little one could make an appearance at any time.
  • Finish reading Reaper Man - Terry Pratchett. This novel is so weird and intriguing. Death gets fired and people stop dying.
  • Work on side project; while I don't really want to jinx it and say too much about it, I do want to get some serious work done on it over the upcoming weeks.

  • Research for and work on my side project
  • Completely organized and pre-schedule the blog
  • Spend some time connecting with R before the baby arrives; it's really hitting me how little time we have left just us!

What are your goals for the upcoming week and month?


  1. Good luck on your goals this week!! And congrats on the little one!

  2. Wow you must be so organized to plan enough blog posts for when your little one comes, good for you! Good luck on the rest of your goals, too!

    1. Lol thank you! It's easier than you'd think once you set your mind to it, Each day I try to write 2-3 posts and get them up on my schedule, even if they post this month that means that on that day I don't have to worry about writing a post to go up so I can write and schedule a few more.


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