Friday, 25 July 2014

Weekend Reads; Volume 3

This weeks installment of my confessions, some of the best posts I've read and the song of the weekend.

  • I confess that I'm thoroughly terrified at the thought of having a tiny human in my hands in like 8 weeks. Especially after breaking my boyfriends laptop because I'm fairly sure children break as easily/ easier than laptops.
  • I've seriously considered becoming a picnic-ing nudist so many times this week because hellloo they don't wear do laundry or wash dishes.
  • I find out about most recent events through twitter or Facebook. The news is just too depressing to actually watch.
  • I check my email inbox way too many times for it to actually be considered productive.


  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who checks their email inbox way too much!

    1. Yes! I can't help it... especially when I'm waiting to hear back about a work project etc. It's not even NEARLY productive lol.

  2. Picnic-ing nudist? I love it! Where do I sign up?!

    1. I wish I knew! The dishes and laundry just seem never-ending so I think this is the PERFECT solution.


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