Saturday, 1 March 2014

How to Grow Your Hair Thicker, Healthier & Faster!

+Stop Using Heat: 
Heat damages your hair causing breakage, split ends and dryness. I used to obsessively straighten my hair
I had to cut my hair after this because it was so dead. It was growing at a snail's pace and wouldn't curl properly even when I hadn't touched it with a straightening iron. Letting your hair air dry instead of blow drying can really make a difference with frizz & is the easiest way to cut down on using heat in your hair.

//Scalp massages are important
Scalp massages help to increase blood circulation in the scalp and stimulate hair growth. You can use essential oils such as peppermint, jojoba, & grapeseed oil to further stimulate.They also feel REALLY good and help relieve stress and headaches.

+Foods rich in B vitamins help
Taking a supplement with B vitamins, Biotin or folic acid will allow you to see a marked increase in your hair growth, complexion and the strength of your nails.

//Shampooing your hair too much causes breakage
Cut down on shampooing and your hair WILL benefit. Sulfates (a main ingredient in most shampoos) strip your hair and cause more oil to be produced, meaning you need to wash your hair more often.
Your hair could look greasy for a while after you start this, but the less you wash your hair the more it will adjust to that routine. Twice a week is the most I'd say you should wash your hair, depending on your hair type.

You may also want to look for a less harsh shampoo ( sulfate free) . My baking soda and vinegar rinse is good for this :

+Use Wider Tooth Combs
If you have tangle prone hair it is advisable to finger detangle your hair rather than comb as this is a more gentle way to undo knots instead of tugging and pulling the hair with a comb. If you can't go without combing, switch to using a wider tooth comb.

//Deep Condition Your Hair Regularly
It's important you keep your hair moisturized if you want to grow it. I recommend you do it at least once weekly the day you plan to wash your hair and can be followed up by the baking soda/vinegar rinse I mentioned before.

Here are some oils which promote hair growth:
  1. Peppermint Oil
  2. Rosemary Oil
  3. Lavender Oil
  4. Coconut Oil
  5. Grapeseed Oil
  6. Shea Oil
 Keep in mind you want HEALTHY hair, and the length follows.

Following these tips allowed me to go from having heat damaged chin  length hair with split ends  to having hair that reaches the bottom of my bra strap (20 inches), in about 1 year.