Friday, 18 July 2014

Weekend Reads; Volume 2

+ I confess that I've been pulling all nighters to pull my blog together, and just had SO much content to write and plan sleep was simply impossible.

//I confess I'm completely in awe every time I feel my little babe move around/kick. I mean I know there's a person in there but somehow it still isn't completely tangible to me

+ I confess If it was acceptable to eat pizza every night for the rest of my life I'm pretty sure I'd do it.

//I confess I've once again been sucked into the Harry Potter books. I'm on Goblet of Fire and I'm hooked again, even although I already know what happens.


+ Alisha posted on Why You Should Expand Your Brand ; definitely something I'll be doing- Alisha Nicole

// Allie also shared how to Make Your Own Font from Your Handwriting  on  Call Me Sassafrass.It's so unbelievably easy I'm gonna have to try it!

+ Don't you know the The Importance of Learning to Say No?  

// God? - East & Blog shared this thought provoking and amazing post on how she views religion and her beliefs, or lack thereof in a God.


Because I will be listening to this down low on my headphones , swaying and writing all weekend

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