Monday, 14 July 2014

The Best Free Blogging Resources; Pictures & Editing

In the spirit of sharing and blogging about blogging I thought I'd share my favorite free resources that I use for pictures and editing.

Here are the top 4

Death to the Stock Photo

David and Allie started a project to try and get rid of boring old stock photos. Each month they send free emails of 10 photos to do whatever you want with. There's also the site where you can download single images and browse through them. There is also a premium package offered, if you feel the need to upgrade at any time.
Unsplash is somewhat similar to Death to the Stock Photo in that it's a completely free site where you can download 'do whatever' stock images with no copyright infringements to worry about. You can also sign up for emails to be sent to your inbox every 10 days. These are usually REALLY high quality images.

Canva is a free editing site where you can create tons of different content. You can edit pictures and create different graphics as well as do tutorials and learn how to use it better. The tutorials are a BIG help - as a newbie Canva can be a bit confusing as there are so many features you can use and things you can do. There are images, backgrounds and a far larger range of fonts than any free editing site I've ever used available. There is also an option to add paid stock photos etc at $1 a piece if you feel so inclined.
PicMonkey is hands down the easiest and most user-friendly format of editing I've come across. You can edit photos, create graphics and collages for free. It has a ton of features from resizing to overlays and themes etc. They too have a Royale version which allows you to use many different fonts and features not available in the free version. Royale is $6 US dollars a month although I know plenty of bloggers who've been content with the fairly comprehensive 'basic' features.

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