Tuesday, 22 July 2014

How to Improve Your Writing With Prompts

  • What Prompts Are
Prompts are either pictures, sentences, videos or words used for the specific purpose to spark creative output.

  • How Prompts Improve Your Writing
It's the same old principle that practice makes perfect. Using prompts regularly gives you inspiration and challenges you to write on many different topics and in different ways, therefore widely expanding your skill-set over time.

  • How to Use Writing Prompts
Browse and choose a few that you like (fiction and non-fiction) , and a few that you know will really challenge you. Keeping a running list of prompts is a good idea in order to make writing a habit. Choose at least 2-3 per week and write upon what they give you.

Make sure you write at least 350 - 500 words each time. If you are planning to write a novel you should increase upon the word count expected, since a novel is much longer than short stories, articles or posts.
  • The Best Prompts to Use

Writer's Digest; Creative Writing Prompts
Writers Digest; Promptly for more C.W.Ps

Writing Prompts Tumblr; Huge Collection of prompts added by teachers and many different authors.

Write to Done; Scene Stealers - Short & Sweet Prompts that you answer with >350 words.

Pinterest; Find a variety of boards with prompts, including my writing content creation board.

Easy Street Prompts;Visual, video and text prompts.

The Periodic Table of Storytelling; Interactive graphic which helps build your stories, adding in different elements.

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