Wednesday, 16 July 2014

The Best Free Blogging Resources; Productivity & Organization


Google Calendar:
If you have a gmail account, you already have Google calendar. It's a free calendar app which is very user friendly and easy to organize. Has the option to color code, add Google Hangouts to Calendar Events (good for Meetings)and allows you to keep separate calendars as well which sync up to your iPhone/Android.

You can also plan out your day in time increments and have many different views such as month,week, 4 days and agenda ( which allows you to see events and tasks which are upcoming ). 

Super CC 

Is an app which allows you to email events into your Google calendar, icloud etc without having to take the time out to actually use the individual apps.

So when you receive an email about a blog conference, or online event you can simply forward that email to and it's automatically added to your calendar.

Buffer App:
Whilst some prefer Hootsuite for managing their social media outlets, I find Buffer to be the most user friendly app.

Buffer allows you to connect sites like Twitter & Facebook and schedule updates to happen while you're offline. Great app for promoting posts while you're at work/asleep and generating valuable blog traffic. It also lets you see your click-through rates from all posts too- so you can see which tweets really worked.


Is a simplified note taking site. Workflowy encourages you to put it all on one page, whilst it allows you to create multiple lists, subsets & bullets of each list. Comes with 250 free items monthly with the ability to upgrade to more by inviting more people & a  paid version.


Evernote is such a great resource for blogging because of how versatile it is. There is multi-platform integration which allows you to have anything you save on your desktop, the web & mobile devices.
You can make many different notes,notebooks and stacks allowing for endless organization. There is also the Web Clipper extension which allows you to grab parts of articles you may want to later read or refer to in a post effortlessly.


  1. I didn't know about Google Calendar or the app to shoot things over to it, I need to investigate this now! Thanks for sharing :)

    1. Your welcome! Yeah Super CC is great for when you're adding things to your calendar on the go.

  2. Buffer is a new one to me, I'm definitely going to have to check it out! Thanks for sharing, these are some awesome tools :)

    1. Definitely try buffer, I love it! I can schedule tweets so far ahead, and even find other helpful articles/infographics etc to tweet out. Thanks for reading!

  3. That emailing to is so awesome. Thank you for sharing!


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