Saturday, 21 June 2014

Beauty Must Haves for Travelling this Summer

Inevitably, when you’re travelling you ALWAYS take more than you need/want/use – just because it’s cute and dinky does not mean you’ll use it people. Here’s my must have items for when you travel Europe.
This was requested by Tina.
  • A dry shampoo; 
this is a necessity if you’re going on longer trips. It can be hot and your hair gets greasy more easily.. you don’t want to wash your hair everyday – and usually you most definitely don’t want to use a hotel hairdryer/ take your own hair dryer. A cheap and effective brand of dry shampoo is Batiste, which come in travel friendly sizes
  • A Powder, Tinted Moisturizer or BB Cream;
during the summer you might not necessarily want to wear a heavy foundation, so I suggest getting a light mineral powder that will give you coverage but allow your skin to breathe. BB creams and tinted moisturizers with SPF in them are also good.
  • Waterproof Mascara;
this is good for if you’re going to any where with a beach, or high humidity. My favorite is; Loreal Power Volume 24 Hour. The last thing you want is to have panda eyes!
  • A Cheek/Lip stain;
this is a great little product that saves space in your cosmetic bag by doubling as a blush and lip stain. Benetint has good color and staying powder
  • A Lip Balm:
it’s essential to carry a lip balm with spf in it during summer, it will give protection from harmful UVB rays and will also finish off the lip-stain nicely to give you a perfect pucker.
  • Smokey Eye Pencils/Quads
For more dramatic make-up looks (perhaps if you’re going out for dinner etc) you’ll want to take products such as the CoverGirl smokey eye pencils.
For every day looks, you’ll want to pick up some eye shadow quads or trios of colors you wear every day – neutral. This is easier than taking your whole palette and you can easily create a NUMBER of looks.

NB: If you really worry about coverage or staying powder, you could also use primers and fixing sprays – but that’s not necessary.

I hope this helps you guys that will be travelling this summer!
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Sunday, 1 June 2014

The Exam Taking Prep & Techniques You Need to Be Using!

Weeks Before:

  1. Plan a Study Timetable so you know when you're supposed to be studying and what.. It makes it WAY easier to stick to a plan.
  2. Make Study Cards:  Study Cards are Index Cards which you write definitions and vocab on, so you can test yourself. The answer is on one side and the question or word is on the other
  3. Make Study Guides: These are Notes that you can make from condensing power-point presentations your teacher has given you, or by reading and outlining the main points from your textbook.
study cards, revision guides and highlighters are your BFFs for now!

After you've done most of your revision is the time to join/form study groups to help go over the information you've already learned at home. This is a good time to do past paper questions.

The Day Before:

  1. Don't stress, Don't cram. I usually go out, or do something else to take my mind off of the impending exam, and just take study guides and flash cards with me so I can flip through them.
  2. Going for some light exercise like a walk can clear your head. Or you could go for a run if you're into that.
  3. Lay Out what you're wearing the next day, If it's your uniform, make sure you ironed it. If its normal clothes - make sure they're super comfy.
  4. Pack Your Bag; make sure you've got all the stationary you need, any documents - like something with a candidate number on it; etc, a bottle of water, painkillers etc, your 'Just In Case'. Put all of them in your bag, and leave your bag in a convenient place for the next morning.
  5. Don't discuss what you know/don't know with your friends before the exam. It can leave you feeling really freaked out.
In the Exam:
  1. If you're religious you can say a prayer before it starts (:
  2. Write down any information you're required to ( candidate number, name, whatever) when you're told to do so.
  3. Read ANY instructions on the booklet carefully before starting. Usually I do this twice.
  4. Read through the whole paper first. This will give your brain a little time to think about the answers subconsciously while you go along reading the rest.
  5. Start answering away. Most times you needn't necessarily answer them in chronological order, once you number them well. Do what comes easiest, and then go to the harder ones when you have a bit more confidence.
  6. If it's multiple choice and you genuinely don't know the answer.. guess. There are usually 2 which are similar, one correct and one incorrect. You still have a 50% chance of getting it right, and I kinda like those odds.
  7. If you finish early, check over it MULTIPLE TIMES, because honestly I've noticed so many careless mistakes by rushing.
  8. After you're done checking.. you can go to sleep. That's IT. you're done (:  If I can't sleep in an exam I sometimes plan what I want to do, eat or blog. 
After the Exam:
  1. If you have spare time when you go home (e.g. you don't have an exam for a week.) This is the opportune time you should write some blog posts, if you write your own blog. You can write a few and set them to upload across the next few days to buy you some time to study in.
  2. Relax for that night, if you have another exam in the morning, try and look over your study guides, if not.. CHILL.  You can resume studying from tomorrow if you have more exams.