Monday, 14 July 2014

How to Achieve Your Goals

Now I know that a ton of us make a ton of New Years Resolutions, and a ton of us don't keep most, if any of them. Trust me, I'm one of the head people that makes a TON of goals come each new year, and never keeps them - for crying out loud, it's my birthday on New Years Eve, and of course I always feel like turning a year older warrants some serious goal making.

I've realized the whole problem with my goals in the past was that I was SOOO vague. My goals weren't uncommon, but I found that there just wasn't the detail I needed to stick to them later in the year when my motivation wasn't as high.

For example let's say my resolutions were:

  1.  Lose 30lbs
  2. Revise More( over and above existing homework )
  3. Keep on top of housework and chores ( laundry etc)
  4. Be more organized
  5. Work out more.
They seem decent right? They totally seem attainable, until real life happens..

What you need to do to help push you to motivate your goals is :

  • Make them more active. Don't just say do this or do that..
You need to create sub-goals, or a sort of checklist if you will. That way later in the year it will actually feel like you're getting somewhere and you know what you've still got to do. It helps you to visualize, but in a constructive manner rather than just dreaming.

  • Reward Yourself. 
If you know you're getting something AMAZING at the end of it, it totally helps motivate you, whether it's a small treat for a small goal, or whether it's a shopping spree rewarding you for losing 100 lbs!

  • Keep Your Goals in Sight
Out of sight out of mind completely rings true with New Years Resolutions.. When we write down our goals and then don't look at them for 3 - 6 months or as much as a year we don't actively work towards them. Whether it's a photo of your dream dress, a reminder of that vacation you want to take or a failing grade card, motivating you to always do better, it's good to have it close at hand. Also I like to keep a list of my goals in my planner.

  • Make Sure They're GOOD for you!
A lot of us make the same old goals every year, and never attain them, or we desire things that are no longer healthy for us. I suggest you think of what you wanted this time last year and de-clutter that list.. It's unlikely everything is still relevant or as important. Make sure that whatever NEEDS doing is done, and whatever else is on that list is for your benefit.

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