Monday, 21 July 2014

Weekly Wishes #1

  • Finalize my blog plan; plan out posts, and branding. With re-launching and re-branding my blog I decided to change up a lot of things. So far posts are planned until August and 
  • Batch write & schedule posts: Now that I've planned what I want to write, I actually need to finish writing it. In order to make sure that my blog runs smoothly when little Peanut gets here in September I'm pre-writing a lot of content straight through August so I can continue to write another month- 2 months content during August and schedule for when I'm in hospital and the first few weeks after the birth.
  • Work with my sponsors & on developing my new sponsorship program: I have arranged a few upcoming sponsors and want to work thoroughly with them to test out my new sponsorship program. If you're interested you can get a free month right here.


  1. wow you have a lot going on here! re-branding and re-launching sounds extremely hectic! Hope you get through your weekly goals!! :)


    1. It is somewhat hectic but I'm a huge nerd so I love this stuff! Thanks, good luck to you with your weekly goals too.


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