Thursday, 31 July 2014

Because, God.

This all started from a throw-away, facetious comment made in conversation with my atheist best friend. We were discussing the fact that Jesus is widely believed to be white, but that geographically and historically he was most likely colored, or black.
She asked, 'How can people even say something like that?'
to which I replied ' Because... God'.
Gina had to agree that 'Because God, is a pretty strong argument, if you believe in that kind of thing.

It's not about the skin color that Jesus had; I for one think we'll never accurately know until we meet the guy ourselves. It's how relevant 'Because, God.' is in every single day of life. To me, God is the reason for everything.

The amount of times I've asked myself why I've been blessed with something so amazing is innumerable, as is the number of times I've found myself in a testing place where the problems just seem to be piling up and also asked myself why I've been dealt this hand. The answer once again is ' Because. God'. Whatever I've been given God has decided that it is right for me and that I can handle it.

When I think back on this pregnancy especially and how tough it was in the beginning stages, I often ask myself how I got through that.. Because, God gave me the strength to. He also gave me the blessing of the new life that's growing inside of me and that in its self is a miracle.

All those times where I just needed to cry and turn to God, confide my problems in him. I know I'd break down completely had it not been for Him. God is the one there in the shadows, listening to my whispered words and taking away all my fears and anxieties, and comforting me.

I am who I am; because, God.

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