Monday, 14 July 2014

The 5 Tips You Need to Get Out of That Writing Rut

+ Read: When you can't get your thoughts out on to the page, read someone else's. When the problem is a lack of inspiration, and one of the best ways to get your creative juices flowing is to read. I don't know how many times I've been reading and immediately had an idea for a post.  It can be a paperback, newspaper, short stories, web articles, magazines - whatever floats your boat!

Creating new content means you need to consume new content !

+ Write: As difficult as it sounds, write down everything, ( even non related to the novel or post etc ).
Keep a notebook with you and write down everything that pops in to your head. Sometimes we lose our best ideas because we don't write them down.
This can also serve as sort of a 'brain dump' if the problem is that you feel like you have too many ideas in your head that you can't concentrate on writing just one .

+ Use Prompts; Journalling prompts and writing challenges can help spark ideas that you originally wouldn't have thought of yourself. Also try thought association( thinking of a word that makes you think of another and another etc) can be useful tools. Free writing ( just letting out your ideas, writing without thinking) may be for you. Practice makes perfect!

+ Get Outside: Changing your environment can make a huge difference if you're feeling tired of writing in the same space. The fresh air and the different sights & experiences can invigorate your mind and help you think more clearly and write more.

+ Discuss: Social interaction is a great way to plant a seed in your head that develops into a whole book. If the problem is that you don't know what to write, sit down and talk to your mom, husband, best friend, tutor, librarian or whoever you feel most comfortable with. They usually will have a different perspective or idea that you never would have had!


  1. That is very good advice. New things always inspire me, but sometimes I just get in a rut and feel like I have nothing to offer. It's a road that takes discipline and dedication, this writing. ;)

    1. Thank You! I feel like the opposite happens to me sometimes when I see so much that inspires me that I can't write because there's too much buzzing about in my head. Writing is a constant process of improvement though, and dedication is one of the steps to success.

  2. One thing that I do is keep a notebook with any and every post idea that pops into my head at random times throughout the day. Then when I am in a writing rut, I have something to reference back to with plenty of ideas!

  3. Great tips! I was having some writers block this week but I just relaxed and new ideas came my way! :)

  4. I have underestimated journalling prompts. I came across a few today and they definitely inspired me to write some more today! :)

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  6. Thanks for the tips, Jenny! I've also found it useful to stick to a writing schedule as much as possible; consistency makes a difference for me.


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