Monday, 14 July 2014

Weekend Reads

// I confess I meant to blog every day this week, but then I started reading other people's posts and wham it's 2pm and I'm too pooped to find the energy to post.

// I confess I'm ALWAYS hungry and I maaay have eaten my body weight in junk food.

// I confess I'm sooo confused as to why they still can't find that Malaysian plane and if my phone was stolen I could have it tracked in a day?

// I confess that I have library books from last year that I haven't returned and now I can't rent from the library and I feel like I'm dying from lack of reading material *hides face*

Super easy Back to Top button for your blog : Allie from Call Me Sassafrass has the perfect quick tutorial to update your blog a bit.

+ A post that really captured my attention this week was about defining your own successes and celebrating them from Some Call Me CJ

+ Kate shared 5 ways to boost your blog traffic that I'd NEVER have thought of otherwise

+ Does the timing of posts bother you? Read this post to see how you're missing out by not uploading at the same time every day!

THE single best makeup and hair tips post I've ever read. Kudos to Juliette!


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