Monday, 14 July 2014

8 Blogging Tips That All Beginners Should Know

I’m by no means a professional blogger, or even someone who has been blogging for years but here are my top tips on blogging for newbies.

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Scheduled posts are a brilliant thing: If you’re a new blogger/career blogger taking 2 weeks off blogging for your vacation can be pretty detrimental to your blog. People like consistency – so if you schedule some posts your baby will still be fine when you get back. This is really helpful if you go to school/work and find time management hard as well. Scheduling tweets and Facebook updates to promote your posts is also a must. Check out buffer or Hootsuite for this
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Joining blogging groups such as Wonder Forest’s Blogger Connect can help build your readership by allowing you to share your quality content with other like-minded bloggers. You can also find many blogs similar to your own and build friendships & sponsorships from there. Other social media outlets are also good for content sharing.

Commenting Creates Community; Blogging is only great because of it’s ability to connect people ALL over the world. It’s good to get feedback and give feedback when blogging, so commenting intelligent, valuable things on the posts that you read and enjoyed is a win-win situation.


Write about what inspires YOU; It’s important that you don’t only write articles with the sole aim of driving traffic to your blog. Yes , people search for certain things more, but most of the times they’re overdone because EVERYONE does them. Trust me, if you like to write about your life, then fashion blogging will almost definitely feel awkward.
Find your niche and your voice and regardless what you write about you’ll still get traffic. 

If you’re stuck for ideas or you're gonna be away for a while guest posts can be a brilliant thing. Someone writes for you , and they get exposed to your blogging audience – win/win!

Keep things simple: In terms of design, you don’t want your blog to look overcrowded so choose no more than 3 different fonts, and don’t clutter your design with a million gadgets and buttons. Not only do too many buttons make your page look cluttered - they slow down the load speed of your site.When you write you also want to keep things fairly simple too – too much jargon makes text hard to read.

Use tutorials. Look at established blogs and see what they have that you don’t. This is where you can get an idea of what you want to change and how to do it. There are a TON of tutorials all over the web on how to make buttons, do image mapping etc.. It can really add to your blog and tide you over until you decide to spring for a professional design.

Pictures,Pictures,Pictures; Pictures can make or break a post. Good quality pictures are important – especially when you’re doing a DIY, tutorial or recipe type post. Make sure that any pictures you decide to edit are edited in a similar format to keep your blog consistent.                      

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