Thursday, 28 August 2014

Hot Cup of Inspiration: Clarissa Nicole

Hey! Today it's the fourth installment in the 'Hot Cup of Inspiration' Interviews. Each Thursday I'll be interviewing a different creative entrepreneur. We'll chat with all sorts of people - from writers, to designers, jewelry makers and photographers to see just what makes them tick.

Today I'm chatting with the lovely Clarissa from Five12 Studio. She is a blogger, designer and photographer.

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  When Why and How did you start your blog? I was inspired by a few bloggers I was reading: Design for Mankind, Wit and Delight and Designlovefest, just to name a few. I liked the idea of cataloging your work and inspiration and wanted to do something on my own.

Did you start your businesses or your blog first?
My business, but the blog came right with it, so technically both. I needed a place to showcase my work and didn't have a website yet.

  Are you self taught or did you go to school for design?
When I was in my last semester of undergrad as a PR major, I took a class on advanced editing which focused on layout/design as opposed to writing and I was hooked. I went back to school for a year and got an interdisciplinary degree in art design. I learned a lot from them without a doubt, but I have to say I taught myself a lot of once I graduated. I’m far more advanced in Illustrator than I was when I graduated (not a fault on them at all).

  Have you always had a passion for design? 
I've always been creative, but I didn't know if I could make it into design. I like making a catalog of things that I liked in specific layouts, like my own magazine. Maybe it was foreshadowing :)

 How do you remain inspired & motivated to create? 
I’m really trying to move past Pinterest because it can be easy to copy, though it is where I get some of my motivation. I also like browsing catalogs and magazines when I’m at Barnes and Noble. I also shut off social media and just go, and things evolve from that.

What’s the most satisfying aspect of your ‘job’? 
Launching FIVE12 STUDIO after re-branding it from “CNICOLE Photo Design.” 
I've really pushed myself hard to get out there when I've wanted to give up

What has been your best moment through your career so far?  
Having random people compliment your work when they don’t have to.

 What's the worst part about your job? 
You’re really alone. At the end of the day, you’re the only one pushing your work, being the sales, marketing, PR, admin, etc of your business. But I believe in this so much that it’s not a problem. Oh…and taxes. Taxes are the pits.

What are your top tips for anyone interested in design/photography careers? Learn from the mistakes you’ll make. You’ll make them and feel discouraged, but once you look at what’s wrong you’ll know how to fix them. Also, find your own style. What makes you different than all the others out there?

Here are some of the Thank You Cards that Clarissa did
you can purchase them here.

To see more from Clarissa you can find her; on her blog or design site
or you could catch up with her on Twitter or Facebook.


  1. I love how creative folks are. I'm not designed orientated at all, even though I worked for an IT training company for 6 years and have a blog.

  2. that looks SO delicious! I think I definitely get a lot of my inspiration from films, books, and TV because they're what I love. I think we all gain inspiration from different places you know?

  3. Her cards are beautiful. I love the merci one

  4. I agree that the Merci one is the best and I wish I was as creative.

  5. Thank you for featuring me on your blog, sweet dear (and sorry it took so long for me to comment).


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