Monday, 25 August 2014

Weekly Wishes 25/08

  • Get on top of the chores   Duh this got done, because un-tidy things give me nervous tics.
  • Read all these blogging e-books that I have;   The only problem is I keep accumulating more!
  • Read up on changing domains and using squarespace. I'm totally enamored with Squarespace and so far haven't found any real downsides. I'm looking to change domains some time within the next 2 months. 
  • Get off my lazy behind and work on my email list. I made a start, but autoresponders sure can give you a headache!
  • Dedicate some time to my blog again. Other projects have really taken over and my blog needs a little love! Then again, it never feels like I spent enough time on the blog.
  • Dedicate as much time as possible to the side hustle! 
  • De-clutter my email inbox; Who'd have thought someone who checks their email so often could get so far behind?


  1. Replies
    1. I check my email like 20 times a day and it's STILL ridiculous. I don't get it lol.

  2. What's Squarespace? Is it blogging related? I'm on Blogger still and own my domain and worry that switching to WordPress or any other blogging site will complicate things.

    1. Squarespace is another site that you can use to blog from. It's good if you want to have a shop or business site built in to it, and the design is super easy to set up with some beautiful templates. It can be a bit pricey though at either 8 or 16 dollars a month. Wordpress can definitely complicate things if you're not good at coding, but there are a lot of plug-ins that are really good for Wordpress that you don't get with blogger.

  3. Great job on your wishes last week! I am always needing to clean out my emails too!

  4. Yay for completing your to-do list/goals. My list usually starts with: 'see last week's to do list' haha

  5. I just love weekly wishes and seeing what everyone's goals are for the week.


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