Tuesday, 2 September 2014

5 Easy Ways to Be More Productive

Take time to refocus
This is especially important if you're 'multi-passionate' or you do a lot of different things. Switching between tasks like blogging and designing can help keep you refreshed. Block out 45 mins - 1hr per task and switch so that you're not staring at a blank page and menacing cursor for too long. Getting up in between times and having a healthy snack like a handful of fruit & glass of water can really help your brain too.

Reward Yourself 
For each task that you complete, reward yourself.
For example when I have something I NEED to write, sometimes I'll tell myself ' you can't an awesome lunch until you finish this' or 'you can spend 45 mins reading blogs once you've finished'. Having a good thing to push towards really helps the time pass.

Set Timers
If you're like me you might need to set back up timers for the timers too. For example when I do laundry I'm always forgetting to take it out of the machine, so I set a timer to go off when the machine is done to remind me to go and get it. I also set the timer in a different room from me, so I HAVE to get up and turn it off making it more likely I'll go and get the laundry.

The whole reason that it feels like there's not enough time in a day is lack of priorities. Sometimes the only reason your to-do list is a mile long is because there are a lot of unnecessary things on it. If you really assess what is important vs. what you would like to do, you'll see that there is enough time. Scheduling also really helps, since you can make sure your time really is going to your priorities.

Stay Away From Social Networks;
You KNOW that twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram are huge time sucks. It's the infinite scrolling possibilities that keep you hooked, sliding down your finger/cursor on the screen and wasting valuable time. That and the ability to shamelessly stalk other peoples pictures... [ the good and the bad ].
Try putting your phone down, or putting a block on those particular sites when it's time to get down to work.

what do you do to be more productive?


  1. Love this! Social networks are definitely a HUGE part for me when it comes to being productive. Pinned!

  2. Great advice! Setting timers and creating rewards is definite useful for being more productive. I work from home as a writer and social media manger, so I definitely have to stay focused by watching the clock! Thanks for sharing these tips!

  3. That is what I need to work on. Time sucks and staying away from them when I need to get stuff done.

  4. Great post! I find time blocking really helps. I devote an hour to certain tasks and then on to the next one. Routine keeps me sane!

  5. Yes, the things that suck our time. I reduced my television shows down to three and yet have replaced it with so many other time killers.

    But, I am working much smarter as it relates to my blogging and other personal interests.

    Thank God for little steps as they will one day be big.

    Have an awesome Wednesday


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