Monday, 18 August 2014

Weekly Wishes 18/08

  • Write down everything: Complete!
  • Dream Big;  I have SO many plans.
  • Pray; Not a total failure, but not a total success either. Definitely going to work on this more this week.

  • Get on top of the chores and wash all the baby clothes we have. I had a scare and had to go to Labor & Delivery unexpectedly last week, so I definitely want to get on top of things incase the baby decides to make an early appearance!
  • Read all these blogging e-books that I have; while I still have the time.
  • Read up on changing domains and using squarespace. I'm thinking about taking that leap.What do any of you out there that use squarespace think about it?
  • Get off my lazy behind and work on my email list.


  1. Hey there! Just found your blog through Weekly Wishes!! I hope everything turned out ok with the baby! I totally understand!!! Good luck on your goals this week. I'm looking forward to reading more!
    xoxo, Stephanie @ Meet With a Smile

    1. Yeah everything was fine, although he/she wouldn't turn around so we could finally find out the gender on the ultrasound which kind of sucked! Thanks for reading and good luck to you this week too.


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