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Interview ; Cydney Irby

Hey Everybody! Today it's the eigth installment in the 'Hot Cup of Inspiration' Interviews. Each Thursday I'll be interviewing a different creative entrepreneur. We'll chat with all sorts of people - from writers, to designers, jewelry makers and photographers to see just what makes them tick.

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Today I'm chatting with Cydney, from Dream on Youth.

How and why did you start blogging? 
I originally started blogging to share my adventures, innermost thoughts, and ultimately myself with the world. I was tired of everything being so fabricated and one-dimensional. I was annoyed by the constant one-way relationships I saw with people and a computer screen. I wanted change and I got it from blogging as a photographer first. I, then started interviewing people who inspired and interested me. I've been on nearly every one of the old platforms from WordPress to Blogger and finally settling on Weebly.

Did your blog become an extension of your 'business', or was the blog there first?
The blog has always come after the brand. I am vision girl first, words second. It's odd to say that as a poet but I'm such a visual learner. The website, blog included, was not created for Dream On Youth until after a year and half after I launched on Twitter!

Have you always been a writer? 
I guess I spoiled this question when I mentioned I was a poet. I discovered my love for writing in middle school. I was 11. My first monologue for an audition with the drama club was my very first poem, "Love and Hate." And to think, I was never a huge fan of English classes until college!

Are you self taught or did you major in a writing based field at college? 

I am not completely self taught. Nobody is that's been to elementary, middle, and high school. I didn't major in writing during college but it was part of the core classes I had to take. English Comp I and English Comp II. Look I'm a procrastinator and loathe writing papers but I loved those classes. Both of my teachers were incredible men and helped me confirm that I'm not as bad as I think. In fact, I'm a great writer. Just a little scattered!

Do you think getting a degree is really necessary to be successful?
 I don't think the degree is necessary but I definitely say take classes in college. Take ones that are specified to the types of writing you are truly interested in. Learn the inner workings. You'll be surprised how much more you'll love your work afterwards!

Where do you get your inspiration from?
I get my inspiration from experiences, photos, or music. All three combined is utter magic at night. Yeah, I may lose some sleep but it's so worth it!

What motivates you to keep doing what you do?
The lives that my work touches. As a poet, boss lady, or simply as me. Seeing what I do touch people's hearts, lift their spirits, bring them joy, it's such a beautiful moment. It's been over two years since I started Dream On Youth and I never get tired of knowing that. Inspiring and empowering people is what I was born to do.

How do you keep on top of everything! Managing a blog community like Dream on Youth, social media and having your own personal blog and jobs can't be easy!
I have a planner and six or seven journals. I have apps for nearly every bit of work I do. It's not easy and sometimes I get burnt out! Today I decided to dissolve my personal blog so I could spend even more time on Dream On Youth and our new branch, Youth Atlas News! I'm starting a new job soon as well so it was the best decision!

What's your advice for those with similar dreams to yours?
Never give up. You don't have to stick to one dream. The scariest thing I ever did was announce that I was going to do every passion my heart was set on. You're allowed to be fearless and introverted. Be a big, beautiful oxymoron and embrace everything you want to be or do! You don't have to bend to a set rule list. You are an entrepreneur in the making, go for it! Build an empire! Work hard, rest easy. You're going to leave a phenomenal legacy behind.

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  1. This is wonderful and I am excited to learn of another personal fighting the good fight. I love the work she is doing and her encouraging me to keep moving forward with my dreams.

    This statement was profound, "Be a big, beautiful oxymoron and embrace everything you want to be or do!"



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