Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Things You Shouldn't Ask a Pregnant Woman!

written on the 22nd of September
 Being pregnant has been a wonderful experience, but at this point I'm kind of over the waiting period 
and anxious to have my sweet little baby in my arms.  Maybe I'd be less 'over' being pregnant if people didn't ask so many questions all the time? I can guarantee you that every heavily pregnant mama is TIRED of hearing these things and wishes that she could have a parrot on her shoulder to answer you instead.

"when are you due? "
I know you're only being considerate, but you're the 5th person to ask me that today.
Also, when I tell you when I'm due please don't say any of the following:

"OMG you're so pregnant!"
I am more aware of this fact than you are, considering I am the one carrying said child. I feel very pregnant, and I don't need you to tell me that I am. Right after you say this, it's likely that you'll comment on the size of my bump.

"Can your bump get even get any bigger/smaller?"
Usually people comment on how large your bump is.. but for  a long time I didn't really have much of a bump, so people would comment on how small it was. It's equally as annoying to be told that you hardly have a bump as it is to be told that you have a huge bump since both of them feel like unwarranted criticisms.

"When is that baby going to come out?"
When. It. Is. READY..!!
I'm patiently awaiting it's arrival too. I can't rush it. Just trust that when it is coming/ has come I will tell you.

"What are you having?"
Since we waited to find out the gender, this has to be one of the most awkward questions to get asked, because you can literally only say 'we don't know yet'. Then follows the conversation of why I should find out, even although it was our choice to be surprised.

"Are you having a shower?"
There are 2 ways to look at this. If I am now 40 weeks and I haven't told you about having one - I've either had it and you weren't invited or I'm not having one. 

Hint Hint: I'm not having one. We don't know the gender so it'd be hard to get clothes that are gender appropriate. 

"What are you naming it?"
If he's a boy, we're definitely naming him after Richard. If she's a girl there are about 6 options that I know I won't be able to decide in between until I actually see her little face. 

 It's not so bad that you want to know his/her name except for the fact that we are STRANGERS to each other and I don't ask you the names of your kids.

"Are you getting contractions?"
This is most often heard from Richard or my mother who will call from work to ask if I'm getting contractions. I know they're just anxious but I wish everybody would just rest assured that if something IS happening I'll call YOU..

For those of you with kids, what did you get tired of hearing whilst you were pregnant?

As someone who's not pregnant do you think it's appropriate to ask random pregnant strangers these questions?


  1. Soooo true!!! You get sooo tired of being of hearing these things over and over again! #BLtribedare

  2. This is a fantastic post. I can imagine how tiring it can be to hear these questions over and over. From a person who has never been pregnant I will say that most people probably ask the questions without realizing you've already been asked 2342 times that day, and of course are asking out of their curiosity not thinking about you...oops!

    Congrats on your bundle of joy on the way!

  3. SO TRUE Jenny! We didn't find out gender with my son, so it got really old defending our reasons of not finding out and people forgetting and asking gender again! Lol! I felt like no one ever really has much point of reference on the size of bump aspect! I mean, seriously -- do they remember *exactly* what size they were or what they experienced while pregnant at x amount of weeks? I don't think so!

    In regards to due date -- I try not to think about it or count down -- because it can drive a person crazy! It can be frustrating when others ask you, and you have to be reminded!

    "You look like you're about to pop!" -- please. don't. say. that. *tear

  4. Hah!! This is so true! And I have to add "Are you ready to pop?" to that. Lol! Pop sounds so painful!


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