Monday, 6 October 2014

Everything In It's Own Season

We're grown people. It's unrealistic to think that everything is all sunshine, daisies and sparkles because - let's be honest, It's not.

In the real world life deals you crappy hands. People die, we lose jobs, accidents happen and none of that can be planned for.

It's more realistic to think of life as a garden. Everything has it's own season.

There's a season for Cherry blossoms, and one for orchids, holly and even for daffodils. Think of all the things in your life like flowers or plants. 

for example;
Cherry Blossoms:Work
Orchids: Love Life
Daffodils: Finances
Holly: Friends

There will always be negative things that spring up in your life and those are weeds. If we get rid of the negativity periodically, the garden will remain beautiful even although those bad things have happened.

Insects [negative people] also try to feed on the lovely parts of our life, so we make an effort to get rid of them when the time comes as well.

Each season there are different flowers that flourish and other ones that take a back seat. We can be assured that something will always grow, and work around that, rather than trying to make a one season plant last the whole year round.

The key is realizing that everything needs attention. The garden will be more beautiful the more time you spend tending to it.

You are like an evergreen tree - enduring all the seasons with patience and grace.

"endurance is patience concentrated" - Thomas Carlyle *click to tweet*

Someone that comes to mind every time I think of endurance is my grandmother, Ma.

She's 93 years old, has 10 kids and has outlived 2 of them so far. She has cancer and her mind isn't what it used to be, but every time you ask her if she's okay, she'll say " I'm just here, holding on". No matter what life's thrown at her - she still sees it as something to hold on to. Even though she can barely see since her eyes are so bad, she's housebound and dependent on in home care - she still endures.

There's always something to smile about, and you can be damn sure that she'll be at her table reading her super large print Bible every SINGLE day. Feeding her soul with the Lord's word every single day - in her own way , tending to her garden. 

Over time she's learned that life's a garden - there's always beauty and there will be good times and bad. Each day you live you are blessed.

What will you weed from your life after reading?

How is your garden looking these days?


  1. This is probably the best thing I have read all day, and I read a LOT of blogs! Thank you for sharing this. I really needed it. I had never really thought of it like this. THANK YOU!

    1. Thank you for reading Liz..I'm glad it spoke to you !

  2. I think I need to weed out the negative and sad thoughts and let the positive grow. I get too boged down with the stress of life and need to weed it out.

  3. A lovely way of looking at things! I am ready to pick out weeds such as self doubt and making excuses.

  4. Agreed! That's a great analogy and an awesome way of looking at things! :]


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