Thursday, 10 April 2014

How to Get Rid of Your Acne

After many trips to the beach I realized my skin, which had been plagued with breakouts from my pre-teen years had cleared up DRASTICALLY.So I had to wonder, does salt water clear the skin? Where I'm from, the locals think that salt-water is a cure-all for any ailment; but it never occurred to me that it was beneficial to my skin.

How does it clear the skin?
Research has shown that salt-water, or saline solution as it is scientifically termed has been proven to alleviate acne by changing the pH of your skin to be more alkaline. I also find that it soothes my face when my skin is irritated too. Salt has antibacterial properties making it a good cleanser for acne prone skin by decreasing zit causing bacteria.

Won't it dry out my skin?
 However you may experience some dryness, but nothing that can't be solved with a good moisturizer. You can also play around with the amount of salt you use depending on your skin type. Epsom salts is also a less harsh alternative to sea salt for those with eczema/skin conditions.

Sea Salt Face Rinse:
Wash Your face with warm water to open the pores
Mix 2 tablespoons of Sea Salt per 8oz water
Apply to the face at least twice daily, more depending on your acne etc, using a cotton pad.
Let the salt water remain on your skin for a few minutes (you can choose to rinse it off or leave it, then moisturize)

Other Uses of Sea Salt:
- Cleaning piercings (heals faster than with store bought piercing cleaners) & Cleaning wounds and burns (heals faster)
- To brighten yellowing linen/cotton
- Gargle it to cure sore throats
- To treat insect bites
-De-odourizing shoes
although I've had more flattering pictures taken, I just wanted to take one with no make up on to show that my complexion has really cleared using the salt water (:

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