Thursday, 16 January 2014

The Simplest At Home Remedy; Oatmeal for Acne!

As someone who has skin that breaks out really easily, I love it when I find a natural remedy for my sensitive skin that doesn't break it out.

What is it?
Recently I've discovered oatmeal.
It’s something I can’t stand to eat, but trust me if you wash your face with this you’ll be amazed by the results. Earlier this week I had a really bad break out across my forehead. I washed my face morning and night with the oatmeal and it was gone within 2 days.
It left my face super soft, and reduced the redness and soreness of my spots after just 1 wash.

How do I do it?
The way I do it is simply take about a tablespoon of oatmeal in your hand. Run a little water over it and squeeze gently until it is mushy and the water coming from it looks milky.
Rub it all over your face (avoiding the eye area) and gently wash it off with water. Pat your face dry with a towel.
Check out this video from Bubz’ Beauty on Youtube if you’re unsure.

You can follow up with your usual toner & moisturizer if needed. I use salt water toner and Simple Light Moisturizing Lotion

NB: You can mix more at one time, and including baking soda or sea salt in the paste (for a face mask)  if your acne is really bad, but I do not do this so I cannot provide an exact recipe for it or vouch for the results.

How does it work?
  • It helps absorb some facial oils – making it less greasy,
  • gently exfoliates the skin – leaving your face softer and more radiant with less redness
  • It has the ability to relieve itching, moderately dry/ irritated skin .
Why should I use natural remedies?
It’s so much better to use natural remedies;
  • They’re usually SO much cheaper
  • There are no harsh chemicals which might irritate your skin
  • You probably already have the ingredients at home

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