Wednesday, 1 January 2014

2014; Living With Simplicity,Intention, Joy

I took a lot of time reflecting over 2013 especially in the last few weeks and the first week of this year.
I feel like last year I had a lot of intentions, but that I lacked the drive to follow through on commitments I had made to myself. It was an 'easier' year than the previous few, and I was sad to see it go, but also kind of happy for the new year.
A lot of big things happened in my life, like sitting my first exams and going to college.I even turned 18, which I feel calls for some changes.

This year I decided to have not one, but 3 words to live by, like you can see above. 

This year I want to work on making all my actions intentional. I feel like a lot of the time I do things just for the sake of them and I want to really take a look at my motives and make sure that every action I make in the following year is beneficial to me and helps me to grow as a person, because let's face it - I need to grow.I also really want to take out things that I let negatively impact me, making my life so much simpler.

I want to really focus on the things that make me happy this year. 
My Friends, Family, Relationships, Blog, Faith and my Health

The main things that I've 'Resolved' To do this year is to work harder, simpler and be happier.

I want to lose some weight but I realized that I can't do that unless I change my overall lifestyle. I've been working out for a while, but recently I was selected to participate in a 12 month program for free which will totally help me to remain accountable and help to make sure I keep focused on my health, not only to get a 'dream body' but to get fitter over all

Also I'm intending to give up one of my vices a month. For example I really love soda and putting salt on my food as well as chocolate, so for the month of January I'm giving up carbonated beverages, February is salting my food and so on. I'll also be posting about it on pinterest some graphics, so keep on the look out. It seems like a really manageable way to cut down!

I both attended bible study classes last year and did my own online/separate studies. This year I want to really commit to this more and try to apply it more to my life, rather than just trying to remember phrases, as I've found it really does make me feel so much better.

As an only child I've always been quite selfish. To be honest I'm still not too keen on sharing, which is why this year I want to make a conscious effort to overall be nicer, kinder and to not get as mad over small things. I can be really unreasonable and anti-social at times, so over the year I want to socialize more, go on more dates with R, and create more family time. I forget it sometimes, being a hermit and all, but sometimes we all need that 'face-to-face' time.

I want to resume blogging 3-5 times weekly on this blog for the whole year. Last year I tried posting every day and I kept it up from May - August or so, but it can be draining. I want to not be as hard on myself, but still put in the time to make valuable online friendships and put quality content out there on a regular basis.

other smaller things:

watch 52 movies
read a book a month
take more photos
go on a picnic
go to the beach once a month

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